Project Gallery 67c2

Project 54 at Street Shop Inc

CHASSIS: Street Shop Inc. C4 Midyr
STATUS: Completed

A timeless classic body design coupled with the suspension and drivetrain technology of today’s Corvette make this 67 convertible a force to be reckoned with. An LS7 engine, T56 6 speed transmission, Dana 44 rear all on a Street Shop, Inc. chassis.

Project Videos:

The owner of this car has posted a few videos on Youtube of this awsome car:

Great looking car!

Burnouts and high speed passes.

Doesn't take long to get up to 100+ mph!

A detailed look through this incredible car!

Project Pics:


Position of the lifting points is critical or the body may become out of balance and fall.

Lifteing the body safely, so as not to injure yourself or the body, is accomplished by lifting directly on the steel birdcage behind the fiberglass rocker covers.

Keisler Automotive modified the shifter mechanism so the handle would still be located in the console as an original shifter would be.

Due to the size of the 6 speed transmission, the tunnel area must be modified.

A lift is not required, but it sure makes assembly go more smoothly.

Slowly the body is lowered onto the new Street Shop, Inc. chassis.

Body installation begins by positioning the new chassis beneath the body.

Each body part is carefully painted.

Finsh paint. Ready to begin assembly on the Street Shop, Inc. chassis.

Fresh paint shines to reveal how flat and smooth this body has become.

Sanding makes the difference in quality paint work.

A final coat on the engine compartment.

Doors are painted separate from the body.

A 67 big block hood is detailed even under the bottom.

A very clean firewall.

Great care is taken as the new paint goes on one coat at a time.

Firewall and inner fenders freshly painted.

Painting takes place on the stock frame in order to not get any overspray on the new Street Shop, Inc. chassis.

Ready for paint.

Lots of new parts are needed for a project of this magnitude.

Chassis and extra parts from Street Shop, Inc. ready to unload.

The T56 6 speed and sidepipes are already installed as well.

Street Shop, Inc. chassis is fully assembled with the engine installed.

Even the door jambs are detailed.

Inner fenders and the firewall are sanded smooth and ready for fresh paint.

Inside of the car is complete disassembled.

The body is sanded to the bare fiberglass and the seams are sealed.

Relays for the cooling fans mount on the core support alongside the dryer.

Heater control valve and stock expansion tank.

Classic Auto Air’s kit includes condenser, lines and hoses.

Bumpers mount with stock bumper brackets.

Drilled and slotted rotors and 96 Gran Sport calipers are clearly visible through the Torque Thrust II’s.

All the details make for a fine car.

Polished American Racing 17 x 8” Torque Thrust II wheels and Kuhmo 245/45/17 tires are mounted on each corner.

Battery is accessed through the driver’s inner fender via a factory A/C panel.

Street Shop, Inc.’s Brake Proportioning Valve is supplied as part of the chassis’s brake system.

A stock 67 Corvette Master Cylinder actuates the brakes.

Firewall clearance for the LS7 is not an issue.

Close examination reveals the new Corvette accelerator pedal. It is required for the throttle-by-wire system.

Dash wiring and Air unit being installed.

Hydratech Braking system makes this Hydroboost power booster for the brakes. It runs inline with the power steering pump.

A factory Z06 dry sump tank sits neatly beneath the fender.

Griffin supplied the aluminum radiator with outlets configured specifically for the LS engine.

Classic supplies electric fans to make the system more efficient.

Classic Auto Air’s unit fits neatly behind the dash support.

New chrome and shiny red paint contrast well.

Here the body sits on the chassis as the final systems are assembled.

Detail shot of the rear body ready to drop onto the chassis. Notice the rear wiring and lights already installed.

Classic Auto Air supplies this flat firewall block off plate.

Tunnel modifications are barely visible.

The floorpan is completely blacked out.

All factory floor reinforcements and seat mounts are retained.

A Flaming River tilt steering column and Classic Auto Air A/C system blend well with the stock dash.

The Mass Airflow Sensor mounts directly into the air tube.

A dry sump oil tank is carefully hidden away under the passenger’s fender.

Under the hood, the LS7 looks right at home.

Only the lower a-arm and non-stock wheels raise any questions of this 67’s originality.

Very stock appearing interior hides the modified tunnel.

Body and chassis assembled without any cutting, except for the tunnel modifications required for the T56.