Project Gallery

At Street Shop, we always have quite a few projects in the planning, or ongoing. Here are just a few of our projects, both past and present, completed and ongoing. Perhaps these will give you some idea, or maybe you are just curious about the process, but either way, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us any time.

C5 / C6  Based Projects

1967 "C2017"

C3 "Shark" Based Projects

1974 "Yonkers" Project

1972 Coupe "72Ls7" Project

"c3-01" Project

"c3012" Project


"c3011" Project


C2 "Midyr" Based Projects

1963 "Heartland Customs" Project 1963 "C2066" Project
1967 Convertible "67C2" Project 1965 Coupe "65Z06" Project
"C2058" Project  

C1 "Str8axl" Based Projects

C1026 "Project 54"
1958 Convertible
Here is a fantastic looking '58 convertible based on our Str8Axl Chassis.
Unfortunately, we only have this completed picture, but it's a beauty!